Eldeth Feldrun

Female Shield Dwarf


Eldeth of high spirited, stubborn, and defiant.


A native of Mirabar, Eldeth made the move to Gauntlgrym when it was resettled with the help of the Talons of Tresendar 20 years ago. As one of the first settlers of the city, she rightly considers herself and her actions as integral to its current success, and is extremely proud of her new home and all it has accomplished in so short a time. Her hatred of the Drow is all consuming, and she holds other “corrupt denizens of the Underdark” – including Derro and Duerger – in similar disdain.

During the party’s journey to Sloobludop, they encountered another party of Shield Dwarf scouts seeking allies that had gone missing. Though they were unwilling to help the party as a whole, they welcomed Eldeth as a sister. She left with them, parting ways with her fellow former slaves.

Eldeth Feldrun

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