Ith Ossss

Lizardfolk Rogue Urchin


str – 8 cunning artisan
con – 13 hold breath (15 mins)
dex – 16 hunter’s lore
int – 7 hungry jaws
wis – 8 underdark secrets
cha – 10 cunning action
spd – 30 hp – 9 ac – 16

common, draconic, thieves cant

saves: -1 str, +5 dex, +1 con, 0 int, -1 wis and 0 cha

light xbow 5 to hit (1d83)


traded to a drow ambassador as a hatchling. his whole clutch was. used to live in the mere of the dead with a tribe of black dragon worshipers. has been passed around from master to master for the past 20 years in the underdark. he is the last one left alive from his clutch

selfish and stand offish, he never draws attention to himself. these have served him well these past years

his goal is to get back to his tribe and prove his worth to his god

Ith Ossss

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