Jorlan Duskryn

Drow Elite Warrior


Jorlan is the disgraced lieutenant of Velkynvelve. His body was deformed during an encounter with a Black Pudding while out on patrol, leaving face scarred and disfigured and his sword hand lame. Prior to the encounter, he was also Ilvara’s lover, but she was quick to discard him when his injuries proved permanent.

Ehrek Blackforge was able to hatch a plan with Jorlan: the Drow’s assistance in escaping, in exchange for making Ilvara and Shoor look foolish. A cadre of demons provided the perfect cover for Jorlan unlocking the slave pen and freeing the slaves. He cautioned the party that the demons were not his doing, and that if he ran into them again he would treat them as slaves to be recaptured.

Jorlan Duskryn

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