Prince Derendil

Male Quaggoth


Derendil is by far the largest and most menacing creature in Velkynvelve, dwarfing even Ront the Orc. Despite this, he keeps himself as well groomed as possible in the caves – a far cry from the other Quaggoths in the area.


Derendil stands in start contrast to most Quaggoths. While his physical characteristics are similar – bulky, hairy, long limbed, and ferocious looking – he has adopted many of the mannerisms of more civilized people. He claims to be an Elvish prince from the surface that was polymorphed into this form by the evil wizard Terrestor. Not realizing his true identity, his people, the elves of a distant kingdom called Nelrindenvane, exiled him. Fear and misfortunes followed him until he was forced into the Underdark and enslaved by the Drow.

Prince Derendil

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