Out of the Abyss

Escape from Velkynvelve

Session 1 Recap, 6/6/17

With Jorlan's help, the party was able to escape the drow prison outpost of Velkynvelve.  They raided the armory, surprised and killed the drow guards at the northern outpost, and went careening into the water below.  Despite an unfortunate encounter with a Gray Ooze and an injured Vrock, they were able to escape the cavern.

They made haste toward Sloobludop, moving as quickly as possible while still gathering the necessary supplies to survive.  They encountered such creatures as a strange land-dwelling octopus, screaming mushrooms and giant fire beetles.  They also briefly met a suspicious Svirfneblin, and a mad drow – whom they murdered, for fear that he would give their trail away to the slavers they suspected to be following.  

A small band of Shield Dwarf scouts crossed paths with the party on their sixth day outside Velkynvelve, and Eldeth opted to continue journeying with them.

On the last night before reaching Sloobludop, the party was awoken by screaming.  Topsy had suffered a significant wound in the night, clearly inflicted by a piercing weapon – but there were no enemies in sight, and no trail left by anyone other than the party.  

Outside Sloobludop, Snap-Swish demonstrated his newly gained ability to shapeshift, which appeared to cause some amount of consternation to Topsy and Turvy, the Svirfneblin twins.


Gear acquired this session:

  • 6 chain shirts
  • 6 suits of studded leather armor
  • 6 shields
  • 8 hand crossbows
  • 20 cases of hand crossbow bolts, each case containing 20 bolts
  • 8 shortswords
  • 14 daggers (including those found while enslaved)
  • 5 bags of caltrops (one was used to deter followers)
  • 4x 100 ft long coils of rope
  • 2 building hammers
  • 2 bags of iron pitons (10 pitons per bag)
  • 39 vials of drow poison (1 was used on the rocktopus)
  • Buppido has a pet spider.
  • Snap-swish has a pet spider.
  • Sarith and Stool each have a 5 foot piece of rope.
  • Topsy and Turvy have a gold coin each.
  • Someone has a flawed carnelion worth 10 gp (it has been wagered and lost a number of times)



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