Out of the Abyss

We escaped!!

Ehrek's Journal

Being in a drow prison stinks.  both literally and figuratively.  Somehow, demons from above gave us enough of a distraction and we were able to jump the ledge into the water below.  8 days of traveling led us to the doorstep of Sloobloodop (I hear that place is a shithole) becuase we are in desperate need of supplies. I'm starting to get a feel for this rage that is constantly burning inside me.  channeling the anger has given me a focus for my new power.  My adopted clan is… interesting.  most of them seem to be very interested in getting to the surface.  To be honest, I could probably see myself up there too.  Not much left down here and I have useful skills to offer.  Perhaps we should go to gracklstugh after this.  I REALLY want my battleaxe and if the fish people don't have one, I know we can get one there.  At any rate, we will see what the fish village has to offer tomorrow.  



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