Kenku Druid Level 1


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Basic Stats
Base AC – 10 (10 + 0 (dex mod))
Max HP – 7 (1d8-1)
Speed – 30’
Spell Save DC – 12

Racial and Background Features
Expert Forgery – You can duplicate other creatures’ handwriting and craftwork. You have advantage on all checks made to produce forgeries or duplicates of existing objects.
Mimicry – You can mimic sounds you have heard, including voices. A creature that hears the sounds you make can tell they are imitations with a successful Wisdom (Insight) check opposed by your Charisma (Deception) check.

Abilities and Saves

  • Strength – 16 (+3) – Save +3
  • Dexterity – 11 (+0) – Save +0
  • Constitution – 8 (-1) – Save -1
  • Intelligence – 12 (+1) – Save +3
  • Wisdom – 14 (+2) – Save +4
  • Charisma – 11 (+0) – Save +0


  • Acrobatics +0
  • Animal handling +2
  • Arcane +1
  • Athletics +3
  • Deception* +2
  • History +1
  • Insight +2
  • Intimidation +0
  • Investigation +1
  • Medicine +4
  • Nature +1
  • Perception* +4
  • Performance +0
  • Persuasion +0
  • Religion* +3
  • Sleight of Hand +0
  • Stealth* +2
  • Survival* +4

Snap belonged to a thieves guild from the time he was hatched. He was bred into it as the offspring of one of the chief forgers. He was trained in the ways of deception and forgery, but unfortunately, wasn’t as good at it as his family would have liked. He was bigger and clunkier than his brothers and sisters, and he also couldn’t get past the idea that what he was doing was wrong. He was shuffled from one menial job to another in the guild, never really finding his place. One day, he was supposed to be on watch during a heist, but got lost in his own daydreams. He didn’t spot the city guard closing in on the heist, and was too late to give the alert. Several guild members were captured and he was exiled as a result of his negligence.

He wandered the countryside for weeks until he came to a small grove in the forest. He met an old woman named Gaya who offered him a place to stay. Over the year he stayed with her, he learned the ways of the forest. She passed away five years ago peacefully in her sleep.

Snap-Swish has been alone for 5 years, but not lonely. He’s always had the animals around to keep him company. At first he talked to them as if they could understand his sounds and mimicry, but he knew they couldn’t. Then he began to imagine that they could, and were talking back. Then he became certain of it. This took time, but it ultimately awoke the Druid part of him.

Over the many months he spent in isolation from other “civilized” races he became intimately familiar with the animals around he, in both general and specific senses: he knew what kind of animals to find in a several mile radius, at least, and the ones that actually lived within a mile of him, he knew personally. he knew their names (or at least what they called themselves), where they lived, what they ate, what their daily routine was. he would often have conversations with them, gossiping and exchanging pleasantries.

About a month ago, he started to notice a shift in the wildlife around his hermitage. he was not sure how long it was going on before he noticed, but the makeup of the fauna around him was changing. There were much fewer “prey” type creatures, and fewer “predators” as well, although their population was not as drastically changed.

Concerned for his friends, he investigated immediately. The area immediately around him was largely unaffected so far, but in an area to the southwest, the change was more pronounced. Over a week or so, he was able to narrow down the origin of this shift.

At first he couldn’t determine a cause. he went out day after day, looking, searching for some source of this unrest. he asked his animal friends, but they didn’t have the words or understanding to communicate what was happening, other than an overwhelming sense of fear.

They were able to tell him that some of them were leaving by choice, some were being chased out, and some were being preyed on, but they couldn’t tell you by what. Finally, one day, exhausted from searching and far from home, he collapsed under a tree and fell asleep. he intended to nap briefly and then head home, but when he awoke the moon was high overhead.

The woods around him, normally serene in the evenings, was bustling with activity. Creatures he’d never seen before were out in numbers he never expected. How could he have missed this? he’s not sure how they went unnoticed this long.

Beetles as large as a human fist scurried over the ground. Centipedes over a foot long climbed the trees. A colony of bats so thick with the flying creatures that it cast a single shadow in the moonlight flew by overhead. he even saw two creatures that looked like tiny bipedal dragons slinking off into the underbrush.

he was pretty sure they saw him, but they seemed more concerned with…something else. Getting away from something. Not like, something is actively chasing them. More like, something unfriendly moved in down the street, and they’ve decided to relocate to get away from it.

his curiosity gets the better of him, and he attempted to follow their trail back to find where they’re coming from. By the end of the evening, he’d found a cave, or tunnel, leading underground. he followed it a brief ways, and determined that it was far too long for him to travel without further preparation. Where could it go?

he’d heard legends of the Underdark. That underground realm is terrifying to most people, but to the Kenku it is anathema. Descended as he was from birds, a place where he can’t see the sky – indeed, where some creatures don’t even know what “sky” is – is unfathomable.
But from what he’d heard, these creatures seem like they could have come from there. Active in darkness, grown to unusual size to cope with the harsh environment, and completely alien to him, who are familiar with all forms of natural life in the area, at least.

His curiosity getting the better of him, he decided to return home, get some proper traveling gear, and camp out at this cave, getting a better idea of what was happening. he discovered over time that all kinds of Underdark life appeared to be fleeing their natural habitat, but he had no idea why.

Seeing mostly insects and animals, he wasn’t prepared when a human comes pelting out of the tunnel at full tilt. He was dressed in rags and was shackled. He appeared staggered by the sunlight at first, as if he had not seen it in years, then takes off into the forest, rubbing his eyes. A few moments later a party of 5 dark skinned elves emerges from the tunnel, wielding swords, crossbows, and in one case, a whip with many thongs that appear to writhe on their own.

He shrunk into the trees to avoid being spotted and mentally commanded vines to writhe up out of the ground to slow the dark elves down. He succeeded in slowing them down, but now they were on to him and he was being chased now as well! He felt sharp sting in his upper back, and then blackness.


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