Fizz-Whizz "Swifty" StormSpark

Forest Gnome Ranger Outlander


str – 14 prof: +2
con – 8 spd: 25ft
dex – 14 init: +2 with advantage
int – 16 hp: 18
wis – 13 ac: 14

saves: +4 str, -1 con, +4 dex, +3 int (adv), +1 wis (adv) and +0 cha (adv)

speak with small animals
favored enemy: humanoids
natural explorer
primeval awareness
deep stalker scout
deep stalker magic

spells: 3 1st level slots (hunter’s mark, cure wounds, disguise self, good berry)
dc 11; spell att bouns 3

common, undercommon, gnomish and elvish

short bow+6 to hit (1d6+2)(+2 humunoid))


harper bounty hunter

on his 1st mission was sent to track a drow spy. thought the drow was alone and instead of waiting for back up he tried to take it alone. was tricked into following into what Swifty thought was an empty cave. it was not. the drow and his buddies captured Swifty and sold him into slavery

reckless and implusive
loves nature more than most people
believes in survival of the fittest above all other laws

Fizz-Whizz "Swifty" StormSpark

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